Editor's Note

There is an air of excitement and optimistic expectation as I sit down to write. This project started as a passing thought; a quick connection of words going through my head, that would soon begin an odyssey leading me here. On the 18th of April this year, I told the world I wanted to start a magazine. I wrote in my journal that same sleepless night. They were okay with it.

        This adventure has truly been one of peaks and valleys. Together, the team and I have ventured to do something none of us have ever done before. My purpose is to create an honest, genuine, and approachable magazine. One that can be a platform to show the incredible makers that surround us in the world. While doing so, I’ve learned something important about myself. That something is that I find absolute joy to helping others succeed. As a clothing designer and merchandiser by trade, it means everything to me for someone to say, “I believe in you.” I want to be that person, that platform, that source, communicating to artists all over the world that we believe in them; in their talent, vision, and inspiration.

        I have had the honor of working with numerous creative individuals over the last eight months! Fearless humans who have given their time, efforts, and knowledge to make this magazine what you are seeing today. For them, I am undoubtedly grateful. They have spent countless hours on skype calls, answered my early morning/late night emails, and helped me keep my thoughts straight during hours way past my bedtime! Their laughter and spirit has brightened my old soul.

        As for beginnings, they continue to be refreshing and remarkable. You will read in the following pages how different artists begin their works. For some, it’s a new notebook, the beginning of a nap just as consciousness fades; or as with me, a lyric or poem drawing me out of myself. One that gives me desire to change the world.

        The words and images beyond this page are for your inspiration. They are words of people’s mind and soul; filling blank pages. It is my greatest pleasure to present to you, The Maker’s Post, Volume One. 


Kassie Dyes

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