Katie Hyatt

Founder of Shoppe Signora, a calligrapher and creator of beautiful handmade papers.

My desire to make paper began before I was ever a calligrapher. I found a small wooden chest buried in the back of a closet during one of my visits to my grandparents's home. Inside the chest were love letters from when my grandfather was in the Navy. Their letters spanned over a four-year time frame back and forth between the two. As I looked over every gossamer and finely scripted letter, the feel of the aged paper really enveloped my nostalgic tendencies. It was all so romantic. The words on the page, to read my grandfather's constant love for my grandmother. I couldn't think of anything more poetic than the tangibility of the handwritten word and the love conveyed in each note. And now, I am in possessions of that chest and those letters, almost 70 years later. My grandparents have long since past, but their remains in those many bundles fastened with a worn silk ribbon. Since that find, my fascination with lettering and the tactile elements has bloomed to include the art of making paper.

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