Tekla Evelina Severin

If you're looking for a new Instagram account to follow— stop. Swedish interior architect, Tekla Evelina Severin (@teklan) has our team falling in love with her vibrant, colorful photographs taken with her iPhone. We've picked some of our favorite photos and shared a few of Tekla's own personal favorites to show you.

Generally, how do you decide what to photograph?

Since I do street photography, they're typically buildings and things that I pass by. It could be on a backstreet on my way to work, on a new street during my travels— it's really whatever catches my eye! Then, I always go back to that place to take a very specific photo.

Do you plan your photos or do you typically just point and shoot?

I plan all of the still life photos that I take; I spend a lot of time and plan it out. For my street photography, I would say about 70% is spontaneous.

What are some of your favorite photos?

Oh, that changes all of the time. I love the photo that I took for the London-based The Gourmand Journal. Recently I shot a friend, Daniel Heckscher and his home on Sight Unseen. Here are a few photos from the shoot. Right now, I am very happy with the portrait I did of Merixtiell, an artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

How did you originally get interested in photography?

It was actually during a photography course that I took in high school. I became obsessed and I would spend hours in the lab. When I moved to Stockholm, I felt the need to discover this new city. I had my dad's analog camera, and I loaded it with film. I used the same film that is used to make slideshows. After processing the film, the colors were extremely vibrant and bold. In hind sight, it was the beginning of my artistic style. 

After years of managing my own coffee shop, studying art and architecture and beginning my career as an interior architect, the iPhone and Instagram came along and have allowed me to take photographs everyday.

My photography style comes from my reaction to Nordic interior design and the homogeny. I started questioning my ideas of beauty, how things can be kitsch or ugly but very interesting. As an architect, I had to conform to the Nordic ideals of style for work but I got to explore those aesthetics as I got behind my camera.

What are three things inspiring you right now?

Traveling (specifically, my last trip to Argentina), people, art— like Olafur Eliasson's latest exhibition or Utopian Bodies at Liljevalchs Kontshall, both in Stockholm.

We are focusing on the idea of  "Exploration".  What does that concept mean to you?

It means, to go out of your safety zone and discover all that is out there, though that is harder said than done.

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