Welcome To The Maker's Post: Meet the Staff

Welcome to The Maker's Post! We are creatives that come from all across America to showcase the incredible artists, chefs, writers, and the like from around the globe. We are so excited to be sharing this process of exploring new stories, interesting places, and inspiring people. While our process has not yet been perfected, our team is doing an amazing job of turning this small dream of a magazine into something that will be a beautiful addition to a beautiful world. Thank you for joining us in this journey!



Kassie Dyes- Nashville, TN- Editor in Chief

Hannah Costello- Los Angeles, CA- Photography Director

Christian Gaston- Philadelphia, PA- Online Creative Director

Damarea Watts- Nashville, TN- Print Creative Director 

M. Donovan Fisher- Windsor, CT- Marketing Director

Liz Somerville- Nashville, TN- Lifestyle Editor/Photographer

Jack Costello- Los Angeles, CA- Literary Editor

Hannah Knight-Lebanon, ME- Visual Editor

Logan Kreider- Blacksburg, VA- Social Media Director

Charlie Long- Athens, GA- Advertising Consultant

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