Michael Lesousky

We had the opportunity to do a quick Q&A with singer-songwriter Michael Lesousky as he prepares to release his first solo EP, Deep Shade of Blue.  Make sure to listen to his singles, Don't Walk Away and Hope & Desolation as you read about his life, inspiration, and future plans in the music industry. 

Tell us a bit about yourself!  Who are you and what do you do?

I was born and raised on a horse farm in Florida, just south of this beautiful town called Micanopy, and I began playing music and writing around age 10. I moved to Holland, Michigan in 2009 for college and dropped out in 2011. I dropped out of college because I would write songs when I should've been studying and figured I'd pursue a career in music. Since late 2011 I've lived in Athens, Georgia, where I moved to date my girlfriend, Kaitlin, who is now my wife—she is sweet and wonderful!—and we’re moving up to Nashville in August. It's been a wild ride thus far, and I don't plan on getting off anytime soon. 

Who have been some of your biggest influences? 

My biggest influences are Sufjan Stevens, Amos Lee, Van Morrison, Jason Isbell, Bill Monroe, Etta James, Led Zeppelin, Cadillac Sky, Sister Hazel, and Drive By Truckers. There are many more of them, but those are the first that came to mind. 

How did this album come about?

The song “Hope & Desolation” really sparked the whole record Deep Shade of Blue. The album is a record of my despair, but the song “Hope & Desolation” is ultimately about coming out of that despair and finding hope in the future. 

 What do you want your listeners to gain from experiencing your music?

I want my listeners to gain a sense of hope and also experience wonder. I've gone through a lot of tough times: professionally, financially, spiritually, and relationally. Even in the midst of a lot of trials I've been able to find the silver lining and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I hope people can feel that in my music. 

Tell us something interesting about you.

I love to cook. I'm very improvisational. I watched a lot of Emeril Live on the Food Network when I was younger. In fact, my favorite dish is gumbo. I even wrote a song called “Louisiana Gumbo Supreme.” Yeah, I love food. 

See Michael live at The World Famous with Matt Templeton and Matt Haek and order his album online at  https://michaellesouskymusic.bandcamp.com/

351 N Hull St, Athens, GA 30601  |  9:00 PM |  $3 Suggested Donation





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